deniseweb1 copyWHY CHOOSE ME?

Because I’m a Gemini.

To qualify that I’ll need to do a little bit of planetary philosophizing with you first.

Everything in our world comes in pairs: good and evil, male and female, in and out, yin and yang.  
Apparently Geminis are living proof of this.  The Gemini world is one of duality.

“The duality of man through time
two halves we try to join
are here because there has to be
both sides of one coin.

May we use them both – the Yin, the Yang
and never seek just one
and if we do – within our souls
then balance will be won.”

Michelle Dillon – The duality of man 

For me this duality exists:

* in where I live.

* in the languages I speak. 

* in how I spend my time. 

* in the cultural traits that define me.

* in the things I translate.

* in the way I see translation. 

One foot in Scotland, one foot in Italy.

English and Italian.

Translating stories into English. Telling stories to children in Italian. About me. 

Mediterranean flamboyancy. British understatement.

Stories to tell. Stories to sell. What I offer.

Yours and Mine. Home. Blog.

 So, Geminis are a mix of the yin and the yang, which means they can identify with both sides of an issue. This is a wonderfully practical quality when it comes to analysing a text. It’s also excellent value for money.  Two translators for the price of one.

The literary bent that lives in Geminis allows me to offer a useful perspective on most any situation.

Being an Air sign, Geminis enjoy the exchange of ideas with others. So if you work with me, author-translator cooperation is guaranteed.  I will always consult with you on how best convey your  message and your words. 

Air signs are thinkers.  I will think very hard about how to recreate your story. I will think very hard about the words I choose and how I put them together.  

Air signs are also natural born communicators.  With a good command of language, they can be “light and breezy as the breath of spring, but their words can also carry the power of a gale force wind”.*  If you need to convey your message with delicacy and style, or you want your words to pack a punch, then a Gemini has both options covered.  It’s all in the yin and yang.  The duality of nature.

Astrology aside, there’s one more reason why you should choose me. 

Because I care.  Oh, and I’m good too.


I was given some advice once; it turned out to be so useful that I've adopted it as my professional mantra:

"Only write about what you are passionate about, otherwise it doesn't usually make for a good story. "