Thanks for dropping by this translation blog. The more specific book blog about Literary Life in Italy has taken on a life and an identify of its own, so I have decided to acknowledge this and give it a new home.


So, all you’ll find here are translatory-type things and the odd thoughts that sometimes spring to mind when I’ve been glued to a screen for too long and decide to head out for a run in the brisk Scottish air or idyllic Italian sunshine, to clear my word-crazed head (or to work off the ten chocolate biscuits it took to translate “squali mezza sega” in a children’s book I’m working on.) I wasn’t sure exactly where to start, so I decided just to go where the words want to take me… which could make it the more rambling part of my day-to-day thoughts and imagination, or an exceptionally entertaining, informed and must-read piece of web writing.  I guess it all depends on how many chocolate biscuits I’ve had. Whatever, at least it gives Anton a break from my amateur philosophizing over a glass of red and a dish of nuts of an evening. Thanks for reading, and I hope not to bore you too much.

falling asleep



Well, it’s taken a while, but four months after getting a website and posting my first blog… I’m back with another one. Hmmm… two blogs in six months… that wasn’t really quite what I’d envisioned to be honest when I embarked on this journey in March. In my head I was going to start jotting…

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Yours and Mine

Yours and Mine – written by Peter Geißler. Ilustration by Almud Kunert, English translation by Anthea Bell, first published in German under the title “MEINS UND DEINS”.                                                © Carl Hanser Verlag München Wien…

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