Yours and Mine.

Yours = the story: in your words, your language.

What is literature?

What is literature?
Everyone will have their own definition, but I see it as a written voice.
A voice that readers hear through words.
Words which convey ideas, experiences, viewpoints and opinions.
Words which convey information and facts.
Words written with care and attention.
Words with a message. Words with a purpose.
Many writers put something of themselves in their words.

Their voice, and their magic.

Mine = the translation: still your story but in my words.

What is translation?

As a translator I read the words in Italian. I listen to the voice.
I see the style and I hear the message.
I think about what the story should sound like in English.
I think about how to provoke the same reaction and the same meaning in English as in Italian.

This is translation. But I don’t call it translation.
I call it capturing the magic and recreating it.

In English. In my language. In my words.
Translation is listening to an author’s voice then capturing every aspect of it, not just the words, but the magic.